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School has spacious class room with large ventilation to provide natural light and oxygen with big display board and News board to display the creativity of the students and information about the future activities.

Play Grounds

Large Play ground with separate grounds for Basketball, Handball, Football, Badminton Court, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Cricket Ground.


Separate spacious Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math and Computer Lab.


Library functions in a large spacious hall. Newspapers, Periodicals and Magazines are provided in the reading room. School has vast collection of 7000 books to meet the intellectual needs of staff and students.

Music & Art Room

School has separate Music and Art Room when students bring out their hidden talent and nurture them under the guidance of expert teachers.

House Division

Students are divided into four houses Satpuda, Sahyadri, Narmada, and Godavari. Division to four houses ensures maximum exposure to each student, in various school activities.

Multipurpose Hall

School has big hall with spacious stage for conducting all the inter-house competition of the school.

Play room

School has big Play Room to impart knowledge by play-way method for kids.

Audio Visual Room

School has big and spacious Audio Visual Room.


Bus facility is available through all the routes from Tumsar to school and new routes are proposed (depending up on number of student)

CCTV Monitoring

The entire class rooms are under the constatnt vigil by the Principalthrough CCTV

Rifle Shooting

Started Rifle Shooting with the view to develop aiming skills of students and provide better opportunities for their future.

SNS Cricket Academy

Started SNS CRICKET ACADEMY with the view to facilitate at improving cricket skills under the guidance of professional coaches for the bright future of our students.