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Chairperson's Message

Mrs. Pervin Mehta

Mr. Dhunjishaw Manekji Neterwala, the founder of the SHIRINBAI NETERWALA SCHOOL, in Maneknagar, Tumsar did not inherit wealth. He created it with hard work. At the age of 12, he would cycle for miles across Nasik and Devlali, where he lived, to fetch radio sets which he learned to repair himself by reading Science magazines. He was ambitious and forward looking and was willing to put in the required effort to bring about change.

After several years of back-breaking hard work he decided to do something worthwhile with the land and money he had acquired at UNIFERRO. Long before corporate responsibility became fashionable, he decided that he would build a first class school and a hospital for his employees and the simple folk around the area of Maneknagar. He felt they also should benefit in the best possible way. I remember very well that as children we went around the villages with him. .He believed in sharing his wealth in a positive and useful way. The school and hospital were to become his pride and joy.

The school he envisioned could not be just any old school. It had to be the best possible school. So he set about getting the best architects from Mumbai to draw up a plan for a school that would make anyone proud. It had to be worthy of his beloved mother’s name. He ensured that the school would be given vast tracts of land, not only for a spectacular and state of the art building but also playing fields for the different kinds of sports. In order to ensure that the school would attract the best possible teachers he also provided attractive and pleasant staff quarters close by.

He and the CEO of the company searched extensively for a Principal who would run the school efficiently with the highest moral and academic values. Their search ended when Ms Gill, was called upon to be the first Principal of the school. She laid a strong foundation for the school and the children attained academic excellence. This helped to give the school an excellent reputation not only for value based education but also for its sports and athletics.

Today the school is under the able leadership of Mr. Kurup, Chairperson and Mr. Bimal, the Principal. They, together with the staff and executive committee of the school, have maintained and upheld the values and traditions that Mr. Dhunjishaw Neterwala, the founder, had aspired for the children of the Shirinbai Neterwala School.

We look forward to seeing further excellence in every aspect of the school’s performance in the years to come.

Good luck !