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Chairman's Message

Mr. F. D. Neterwala

“It is better to light a candle, than to blame darkness”.

SNS was started in the year 1982 in an endeavor to provide the best of education in one of the remote places of Maharashtra called Madgi. This is the first CBSE School in this area. Today the school disseminates a high quality of education to over 850 students and the community at large. Our alumni are now responsible citizens and serving at various leadership capacities in India and across the globe.

The school’s management has been positive and adaptive towards changes in educational pedagogy and curriculum from time to time. We have always tried to update the school with the best of facilities and latest educational technology. Very soon our school will be completely digital and we will be able to offer advanced facilities to parents through an independent & fully capable mobile application.

Academically the school is progressing well. Sports and co-curricular activities are balanced with academics because of which our students are well rounded both physically and mentally.

The need of the hour is that children should be drawn closer to nature as there are many tenets of the law of nature that we can learn from and can reflect in our day to day lives. Besides, future generations have to take full responsibility for the preservation of our world. This must be taught at a nascent age.

Children, at an early age, should be taught values – to be sympathetic towards the weak and downtrodden, they must be made to understand that whatever they possess is a blessing and they should be thankful for. Perhaps, a visit to old age homes, orphanages may serve the purpose of instilling these values.

Unfortunately, life is not fair. Each and every child should be made aware of the good and bad existing in society and during the learning process, it is the school’s responsibility to create an awareness of these and prepare them to face the various barriers life presents us with.

Above all, schooling is incomplete without attitude building. The success or failure of any person depends on his attitude towards the challenges that life poses. Every person must believe that challenges must be seen as opportunities and not hurdles.

When a school is able to blend all of these, the outcome will be well-rounded humans, who will be worthy of the society they live in.

All the very best to all our teachers who are working tirelessly to achieve this noble cause, and please pat your back and appreciate the contribution you bring through your diligent work, efforts, dedication and devotion towards the noble work you are doing which gets reflected through the upbringing and values you have imbibed in your students – for which you will be always remembered.

So be energetic and deliver the best, because each child deserves the best from their teachers. You all carry a great responsibility. As Nelson Mandela quoted – ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’.

Good luck !